Gladhander Auction


Gladhander 2018 was an amazing event, thanks to our approximately 500 attendees, 600 volunteers and countless donors and other supporters. Thank you!

Event organizers released results of the 2018 Gladhander at the November 10 volunteer thank you party, announcing net proceeds of $372,651.


Raffle Prize Winners 2018

Early Bird Winner of $500
Deb Haase

Garrett W. Arnold, Traverse City
Chuck Benson, Traverse City
Ann Drury, Traverse City
Christopher Ellalasingham, Traverse City
Shannon Kadlec, Traverse City
Tim Brick, Traverse City

Roger Mawby III, Traverse City
Marilyn & Tim Rice, Traverse City
John Larson, Traverse City
Joseph Conger, Traverse City
Grand Prize Winner
Brett & Rachael Milliman


Established in 1983, Gladhander is the area’s premier gala. It provides vital funding to ensure the continued availability of a top quality, Christ-centered education in Traverse City.

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Gladhander Car (or Cash) Raffle – License # C28638

Will YOU be the big winner at this  year’s Gladhander prize drawing? If so, you’ll take home your choice of a 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 SUV arranged Mercedes-Benz of Traverse City, a 2019 Audi A-4 arranged through SERRA Audi of Traverse City, or $32,000 in cash! Ten additional cash prizes will given away, and you need not be present to win. Raffle tickets are available for $125 each or two for $200 or three for $250. Proceeds benefit Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools. Make checks payable to Gladhander or, for credit card purchases, call (231) 941-GLAD.

We are grateful for the arrangements for this year’s raffle cars:

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 SUV arranged Mercedes-Benz of Traverse City
2019 Audi A-4 arranged through SERA Audi of Traverse City

Click here to download our Raffle Ticket Flyer

Preview Night was designed to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the amazing decorations and festive ambience that transforms Holy Angels Elementary/St. Francis High School into a magical setting. Preview Night is free and open to the public (adults only), and refreshments are served. Silent auction bidding is also available, and raffle tickets will be offered for sale for your convenience. Event begins at 5:30 p.m. and runs til approximately 9:00 p.m.


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