Technology is a tool that can enhance classroom efficiencies, but it is no substitute for effective, empowered teachers. That’s why you will find, at our schools, a careful strategy that limits and directs the use of technology so that it serves us in healthy ways.

In our early elementary, students use classroom computers occasionally to supplement instruction. At this age, many students are just beginning to learn to interact with a computer and that in itself is a learning experience. In the computer lab you will find 2nd grade students being assessed in reading and math twice a year using the computer based NWEA Map Test, along with weekly Accelerated Reading tests.

In our upper elementary, student computer use is expanded to included both classroom use and lab use. Students are encouraged to use technology for research, typing papers, and creating power points. The lab is also used to assess students twice a year in Reading and Math using the computer based NWEA Map Test. Students also do weekly assessments in Reading Street. All students use computers as part of the Accelerated Reader program through the library. In 4th and 5th grade students have the option to take a before school typing elective.

As students move into middle school, they continue to use computers for research and document creation, but here they have the opportunity to take various computer classes which include computer applications, keyboarding, computer programming I, and computer programming II. Computers are also used to assess 7th and 8th grade students twice a year in reading and math using the computer based NWEA Map Test. All students utilize computers in the library as part of the accelerated reader program.

All high school students are provided iPads to facilitate learning through educational “apps”, immediate access to research, and access to electronic text books. This creates an enriched and fully engaged learning environment with a potent combination of a skilled educator and a classroom full of engaged young minds, holding – literally – a world of resources in their hands. These tools, used in concert with highly effective and proven teacher methods maximize the effectiveness and efficiencies in every classroom and provide students with the technological skills to be competitive in a global society. For more information about the MyTech program at our high school, click here.