The sooner a student is reading at or above grade level the better, but it becomes especially urgent as students transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” during third grade. As other subjects become more reading dependent, the correlation between literacy and success in those subjects grows stronger.

That’s why we’ve made reading the focus of a research-based literacy initiative that is perhaps the only of its kind in northern Michigan.

Through a unique literacy program, our students acquire necessary reading skills at an early age, which allows our educators to transition to the reading of complex, lengthy texts across all subject areas. From these complex texts students are asked to think, speak, and write critically and analytically, which is something that education expert Dr. Mike Schmoker stresses in his most recent book – Focus.

  • In grades K-3, reading is taught in 120-minute, uninterrupted blocks each morning
  • Instruction is given in both whole group format, and also in level-based small groups
  • Ongoing assessments guide instructional strategies; students get any help they need as a need is identified


Many GTACS students enjoy participating in the Accelerated Reading (AR) program. For more information on this, visit the Parent Resources page.

For additional information, contact our Director of Curriculum and Instruction.