Our search for an appropriate personal technology platform – user-friendly, cost-effective, portable, etc. – led us to the implementation of the MyTech program. Each high school student is issued an iPad along with a protective case and (optional) keyboard. Each wireless classroom is equipped with Apple TV and an HDMI projector.


  • Enhance or accelerate learning
  • Expand student skills and knowledge
  • Improve classroom efficiency, leverage capabilities
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom
  • Open up new ways of learning, studying
  • Encourage collaboration

Students are protected from inappropriate use of their device through a VPN-based content filtering system – and by a code of conduct outlined in our Student Handbooks.


Guided Access helps students stay focused on a task while using an iPad. Guided Access limits a device to a single app and lets you control which app features are available.


The MyTech fee (paid annually) not only contributes to the infrastructure and wireless connectivity needed to sustain our program, but it’s also used to make bulk purchases of apps (programs) essential for learning.


A significant advantage of the iPad’s use in our high school is the availability of electronic textbooks. Electronic textbooks often include extra learning tools – e.g., the ability to highlight text, create quiz cards, or view videos on specific concepts – that are simply not possible on the printed page. We hope you will take some time to check out some of your student’s electronic books.

Instructions for ordering books are emailed to parents in August. Please see the St. Francis High School page for links to additional resources.