…through the grandeur and beauty of the creatures we may, by analogy, contemplate their Author.” (Wisdom 13:5)

Study of the arts — music, visual arts, theatre and more — is vital to Catholic education. At our Schools, there are many opportunities to express our faith through the arts.

  • Dei Cantanti choir
  • Select ensemble choir
  • Women’s choir
  • Men’s choir
  • General choir (elementary grade levels)
  • Concert band
  • Jazz ensemble
  • Marching band
  • Art class (general for elementary grade levels)
  • Art class (photography, drawing and more)
  • High school musical

A highlight of each school year is the annual Festival of the Arts. At this event, all are invited to a free afternoon/evening showcasing the hard work of students at all grade levels, and in all art forms.

Students also come together to produce and perform the annual High School Musical. It is open to the public and tickets go on sale in January for January/February performances.