As a Catholic school, our mission is to form hearts and minds that can transform the world in light of the Gospel. Students need to be able to inquire, think, investigate, innovate, and utilize technology effectively. 
Through our partnership with Quarkmine – local experts in robotics and other science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEM) skills and knowledge development, we offer extracurricular programs, camps, and robotics competitions. 
There is in-class instruction beginning with grade 3 through grade 8, plus enrichment opportunities for those students who choose them.
  • In grades 3-5, students  become comfortable with robotics and computer science through hands-on experiences and an introduction to programming.
  • In grades 6-8, students begin to learn more advanced skills and use creativity and technology to solve more complex problems.
  • High schoolers can pursue their love of robotics as an extracurricular “sport for the mind” with many opportunities available.
Mrs. Janine Winkler (IC) and Mrs. Carol Johnson (SEAS) are the primary GTACS contacts for these offerings. They work closely with Philip Leete and John Gilligan from Quarkmine; each is an experienced instructor and coach.