Wondering if your family can afford Catholic schools?

For some families, tuition is a significant part of the family budget. This signals a strong commitment to spiritual and academic formation, and a willingness to forgo some of life’s luxuries in exchange for a strong foundation in both faith and knowledge.

First, let us assure you: Our schools are worth their price. Second, let us help you if help is needed: Do not let financial concerns be the reason you don’t apply. We are committed to making our Catholic schools affordable to families willing to partner with us.

Estimating your investment

The amount your family will pay in tuition is based on several factors including income, number of children, and more. Here are some things to know:

  • Parents with multiple children receive discounts to make tuition more affordable for larger families.
  • Families with a broad range of incomes are eligible for grants to adjust the amount paid in tuition. Even families with incomes in excess of $100,000 per year may qualify depending on family size and demonstrated financial need.
  • Unlike college loans, grants do not need to be repaid.
  • When your income is low, your tuition can be low. As your income rises, the school will anticipate the family contribution to increase. This is ideal for younger families who are just starting out in their careers; for low income families; or for families who have encountered an unexpected financial situation.
  • About one-third of families’ tuition is reduced at some level. The amount of the reduction is based on many factors including household income and expenses, family size, and other financial details confidentially submitted to a third-party processor.
  • Base tuition is funded, in part, by parishes and fundraising. Thanks to considerable support of our five patron parishes and successful fundraising efforts, our base tuition for many grade levels is less than the average cost to educate.


  • Tony and Rebecca have a household income of $42,000 and two children in elementary school.  Their actual annual tuition cost may be as low as $290 per month. Rebecca utilizes the TRIP program (see below) and saves an additional $200 off her tuition bill.
  • Robert and Ramona have a household income of $78,000 and two high school students. Their actual annual tuition cost may be as low as $580 per month. A grandparent gifts $2,500 to the students’ tuition account annually, reducing the family’s monthly investment to $375.


GRADE LEVEL K* 1-5* 6-8 9-12
1st Child $628 $724 $770 $901
2nd Child $479 $549 $595 $691
3rd Child $409 $461 $491 $578
4th/5th Child $125 $125 $83 $83
Additional Child $42 $42 $0 $0

*  Includes lunch

When calculating tuition costs, use the number for your oldest child first. For example, if you have one high schooler and two middle schoolers, the rate would be $901 + $595 and $491. These amounts are prior to grants/discounts based on family financial information.


When you enroll, you can request financial assistance. by completing an application. Applications for the upcoming year are due on April 15 but can be completed upon enrollment if you are joining us at a different time in the enrollment cycle.

FACTS Grant Application – All grade levels


Your Catholic school tuition may be paid in 10- or 12-month installments. Fee or interest apply for monthly payment plans. There is also a long-term loan option. Information about these options is available during enrollment. Note: Payment plans are scheduled to begin in July and end in April (10-month) or June (12-month).

Turn ordinary household purchases into tuition savings with the TRIP program. Simply purchase SCRIP (gift cards or certificates) to be used at participating vendors. The merchant sells the SCRIP to the school at a discounted rate, and the difference is shared with you in the form of tuition savings. Many families save hundreds off their annual tuition in this way.

Contact Admissions:

Cindy Weber
Director of Enrollment Services & Student Retention
(231) 995-8477