Why Catholic Education

Unlike our state school counterparts, we have an educational mission that is both intellectual and moral. It is this fusion of faith and reason that provides an unparalleled formula for the formation of young people.

Here’s are a few of the things that make our schools unique.


Our teachers forego higher salaries for the opportunity to teach in an environment that is rewarding in other ways, and which allows them to practice their craft to the fullest. They’re also armed with the latest research and diagnostic tools. They’ll help your child make the most of his or her God-given talents, growing in confidence along the way.


We set high expectations for behavior, attire, demeanor, and always doing our best. The result is a strong student work ethic and an atmosphere conducive to learning. We also take a different approach to discipline, helping students understand how their choices impact their relationships with others and with God. Are our kids perfect? Not a chance. But we strive to do everything with “character, compassion and commitment,” and between that and the Golden Rule, things usually turn out quite well.


Because we are not a taxpayer funded institution, we are free to select the curriculum, teaching methods and assessments that serve our students best. We select from state and national offerings, then tailor the curriculum to our student body and deliver it across the continuum, seamlessly, from preschool through high school.


Large enough to have what you want, small enough to be what you need – that’s our school system! It means we can implement programs that span all grade levels, applying research-based strategies at critical junctures. The result is a close-knit educational experience that forms well-rounded graduates prepared to change the world. It also means that your child will have lots of opportunities to participate in top-notch athletic, extracurricular and Christian service activities.


Parental involvement is not only allowed, it’s highly recommended. When you remain involved in your child’s education, you convey its importance, which means your child is more likely to strive to achieve more. You will never regret time spent engaged with your child’s school.


Here, you will experience a shared sense of belonging, centered around our children. Our school families are like a large, extended family, sharing in life’s triumphs and tribulations. We exist to form both the minds and the hearts of our students, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Catholic schools aren’t there to make our young people upwardly mobile, nor to assure them of a wrinkle-free life…They are there precisely to take all that away from them, to lure them to give up security and come out onto the road…make them the apostles they were ordained to be. – Archdiocese of Sante Fe