For families at Immaculate Conception and shuttle riders at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, please refer to the Car Line map for beginning and end of day instructions.



If you live in an area served by Traverse City Area Public Schools, you can take advantage of neighborhood bus transportation options.

2023-24 TCAPS Neighborhood Busing Form

  • To and from GTACS school, students may ride a TCAPS bus to a transfer station
  • To and from their home, students may ride the bus alongside TCAPS students

Note: Sometimes, all a student needs is to ride to the transfer station near their home (for example, if your family lives near Central High School, the student could walk the remainder of the way home or be picked up by a family member from the transfer station.)


TCAPS neighborhood busing or shuttle services must be requested every year, even if your student rode the bus last year. Please fill out a transportation request form and follow the directions for submitting it. Students who do not have a neighborhood busing request form on file with TCAPS by August 13, 2023, may not be able to ride a school bus for the

first two weeks of school or until a bus route has officially been assigned, so please get your requests in as early as possible. The TCAPS shuttle bus schedule and bus parking maps will be available on the TCAPS transportation webpage,, in late August and throughout the school year.

If you sign up for busing to your home or alternate address, TCAPS will email your bus route information to the email address provided on the Neighborhood Busing form in late August.

Finding Student Bus Route Info

TCAPS has a transportation routing software system known as Traversa. Busing information will be available through the Traversa Ride 360 website or app which allows parents to easily access their child’s routing information, view transportation alerts, and send messages to the dispatch office. To access your child’s bus route information through Traversa Ride 360, you will first need to create a Ride 360 account.

Read Traversa Ride 360 instructions to set up your account via website ( or by downloading the Traversa Ride 360 app.

School District = Traverse City Area Public Schools
Student Information Needed = Student TCAPS ID Number, Student First Name
Once you have set up your account, please reach out to TCAPS transportation for assistance in linking your students to your account. Email your name and the email address you used to set up your account, along with your children’s names, to Please also provide a telephone number that we can call should we need additional information.


  • When the public schools are closed, TCAPS transportation will generally not be available. (Exception may be the SEAS paid shuttle; confirm with school.)
  • On a TCAPS half day or early dismissal day (when our calendar does not have the same schedule), GTACS parents will need to provide their own transportation at the end of the day
  • When school is cancelled due to weather, we will issue a ParentAlert. You may also check the TCAPS website, our website and Facebook page, or the TCAPS bus hotline at 231 933-1955.