Outdoor, All School Mass

Our traditional back-to-school Mass will be held in a less-than-traditional location. The Mass will be held on September 9th at 8:30 am – outdoors – on the site of the future new Immaculate Conception Elementary School.

More than 1,500 people are anticipated to gather outside for the Mass on the morning of September 9, rain or shine, to celebrate the future school. School Superintendent Mike Buell looks forward to demarcating the location of the new school during his favorite annual event. “The All School Mass is the first time we’re all together as a school system, and to see that happen in a location that will be so pivotal to the future of the Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools, will be something that will be truly remarkable,” said Buell of the event, “This is going to be significant for not only us, but the community as well.”

The Bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord, the Most Reverend Steven J. Raica, will preside over the Mass, along with at least seventeen other clergy. Students, faculty and staff from each of our four schools will be in attendance. All are welcome!