Skiing, XC

Available to girls and boys in grades 7 – 12
Season: Winter
Coach: Mark Esper,
Home: The Vasa Trail

This ancient sport is not for just anyone. Nordic skiing is for those hardy souls who enjoy a brisk winter workout in Mother Nature’s playground. It is for those who enjoy the challenge of advancing from struggling neophyte to accomplished skier in a single season. It is for those who strive to become endurance athletes, combining strength and speed with exceptional stamina. Indeed, it is for those so hardy that they enjoy skiing up hills as much as they do skiing down them. It is for those who enjoy the camaraderie of similarly inspired team mates.

Our sport is not sanctioned by the MHSAA. The competitions that we enter are open to the general public and organized by age groups. Our racers will compete in the Great Lakes District Championships, which is part of the U.S. Ski Association Junior Olympic program.

All students are welcome to join our team to learn to ski better, have fun and become physically fit. Our program is:

  • Instructional – A student doesn’t have to know how to ski to join the team. Instruction will be provided in both freestyle and classic skiing.
  • Recreational – In reality, all of our students are recreational skiers in that they are out there having fun while they learn and improve. As we determine student readiness we will steer kids towards competition.
  • Competitive –We will compete each and every day, even if just against our own self-expectations. That’s a big part of how we grow. This, however, is a competitive team and high school skiers are expected to compete when they have developed sufficient skills. Middle school kids may choose to compete in such races as they feel ready for, generally the weeknight races that will be held at Timber Ridge and Hickory Hills.