Dominican Sisters

In the late 1800s, a German Dominican Sister named Mother Augustine Neuhierl had a deathbed vision  in which she saw “a peninsula in the West dotted white with Dominican foundations.” Shortly thereafter, six Dominican sisters traveled from New York City to Traverse City and established what has become Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools. The Dominican order, along with the Sisters of Mercy, played a pivotal role in establishing our schools on the strongest possible foundation – Christ Himself. Religious sisters have taught in our schools almost continously; however, in the early 2000s, with the retirement of Sister Lydia, the chain was temporarily broken and we were without this very special gift.This fall, we will joyfully welcome Dominican Sisters back to our school community. Four sisters, members of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia or “Nashville Dominicans” as they are fondly known, will teach at our high school and preschool/elementary school next fall.  The Sisters are acclaimed for their expertise in Catholic education and their academic and spiritual leadership. What is most notable about these talented teachers is their tremendous joy.

We are so grateful to have religious sisters back in our schools and give thanks to God for blessing our Catholic community in this way. 

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