For families at Immaculate Conception and shuttle riders at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, please refer to the Car Line map for beginning and end of day instructions.

Car Line Procedures 9_05_21


  • The cost for the service is $250 per student per school year.
  • Please see the Registration Form.
  • TCAPS cannot guarantee a spot until payment has been received.
  • Students will be required to sanitize their hands upon boarding the bus.
  • Students will be required to wear a mask the entire time they are onboard the bus.
  • There may be up to two students per seat.
  • Buses will be sanitized after every route is run.
  • Buses will be deep cleaned every morning and evening.


If you live in an area served by Traverse City Area Public Schools, you can take advantage of neighborhood bus transportation options.

  • To and from GTACS school, students ride a TCAPS bus to a transfer station
  • To and from their home, students ride the bus alongside TCAPS students

Note: Sometimes, all a student needs is to ride to the transfer station near their home (for example, if your family lives near Central High School, the student could walk the remainder of the way home or be picked up by a family member from the transfer station.)


If your student rode the bus last year and there are NO CHANGES to their transportation plans, you do not need to do anything to enroll for fall.  You will be able to access updated route information via the TCAPS website in late August.

If something has changed (e.g., your contact information or address) or if you are NEW to riding the bus (e.g., you want to use the neighborhood bus or shuttle service next year, but did not use it this year), please fill out a transportation request form and follow the directions for submitting it.


  • When the public schools are closed, TCAPS transportation will generally not be available. (Exception may be the SEAS paid shuttle; confirm with school.)
  • On a TCAPS half day or early dismissal day (when our calendar does not have the same schedule), GTACS parents will need to provide their own transportation at the end of the day
  • When school is cancelled due to weather, we will issue a ParentAlert. You may also check the TCAPS website, our website and Facebook page, or the TCAPS bus hotline at 231 933-1955.