Uniforms/Jean Days


Uniforms offer a variety of time-honored benefits to students and their families:

  • Helps students focus on academics
  • Reduces peer pressure
  • Promotes modesty and dignity of human body
  • Minimizes disruptions and distractions
  • Enhances school identity
  • Saves time and money


Uniforms are not required at Holy Angels Preschool; however, they are encouraged.

The uniform policy is the same for Holy Angels and Immaculate Conception Elementary; this helps families make the most of their investment and enables sharing of items among siblings.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Francis each have their own dress code and appearance standards. As students grow in maturity, they are expected to pay more attention to the “uniform” in which they do their “work,” which is school.


IMPORTANT: Dress Code Letter – March 22, 2017 regarding changes for 2017/18

Our primary uniform vendor is Lands’ End, which is the only approved source for skorts, skirts or jumpers. Shirts, shorts and pants may be purchased through Lands End, Sears, JenTees, EmbroidMe, or JCPenney – provided they match the Lands’ End items in color and styling. Lands’ End offers free shipping and savings of 30-40% several times throughout the year; subscribe to their emails to get the best deals.

Lands’ End Shopping Links


The GTACS or St. Francis logo (required only for high school) can be applied by Lands End (logo number 1046194K) or local resources Bay Supply, JenTees, or EmbroidMe, which all have the digital logos on file. Lands End has a penny logo sale several times a year.


There are two ways to buy/sell used uniforms. One is the annual Used Uniform Sale held each August. The other is the GTACS Uniform Exchange Facebook page. Be sure to take advantage of these money-saving tools, and also help us preserve the integrity of our uniform policy by not buying or selling non-current garments.


The third Friday of every month is designated as a Jean or Grub Day (some exceptions apply). On these days, students may bring in a dollar or more and wear Gladiator spirit wear or a suitable other shirt/top of their choosing. Please guide your students toward appropriate attire that reflects our Christ-centered environment. Through the years, our students and their families have donated thousands of dollars to local charities such as Boots for Kids, the Father Fred Foundation, the Pregnancy Care Center and more. Occasionally, special Grub/Jean Days may be declared at the discretion of the Principals, Superintendent or Bishop.


Gladiators love to wear their school spirit! You can purchase hats, sweatshirts, and other Gladiator apparel through the Athletics Department or via the Spirit Store which is located in the south gym vestibule (hours vary).