To help parents keep track of all the details relative to school, we use a student information system called RenWeb. The home-school communication portal portion is called ParentsWeb, and it serves the following functions:

  • Re-enrollment
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Homework/assignments
  • School directory
  • Emergency notifications (via ParentAlert)

Instructional Videos


Using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser from a desktop or laptop computer (not your phone or tablet), go to, click on “logins” on the far right side, and scroll down to Parents Web. From the Parents Web log in screen, choose Create New Parents Web Account

  1. Enter district code GTV-MI
  2. Enter your primary email address (Both parents may have a primary email and can therefore have their own Parents Web log-ins)
  3. Follow instructions in the email that will be sent to you
  4. Create a user name and password
  5. Log in to Parents Web

We encourage ALL parents to create a RenWeb user name and password.


To download the RenWeb Home Android App

  • Click the Play Store icon on the Android phone screen and tap Search.
  • Type “RenWeb Home” into the search bar. The RenWeb Home App will appear in the search results.
  • Tap it, and then tap “Install” in the right-hand corner.

To download the RenWeb Home iPhone App

  • Click the App Store icon on the iPhone screen and tap Search.
  • Type “RenWeb Home” into the search bar.
  • When the RenWeb Home App appears, tap the iCloud icon in the right-hand corner.

You can disregard the $4.99 subscription fee; the app if FREE to GTACS families (paid for out of MyTech fees). Enter your user name and password to access the service after you’ve set up a user name and password (or use the “forgot user name and password” option.)


Once you’re a ParentsWeb user, parents should check their settings and make any necessary modifications to the data on-file. In addition to general communication, this information will be used to 1) populate the online family directory; 2) issue emergency notifications; 3) re-enroll students next spring. Here’s how to change your preferences:

  • Log into RenWeb
  • Click on the FAMILY INFORMATION tab

Here you will find information that has been preloaded during Enrollment, and some fields which are currently blank. You do not have to fill in all the fields; however, the following information from this form will be visible in the family directory UNLESS you specifically block the information.

In particular, we ask that you verify/update the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Cell phone
  • Street
  • City/State/Zip
  • Church

Next, please choose from the following options:

  • Directory block: name, address, phone, email and cell – choose YES to prevent items from appearing to others
  • Parent alert: home phone, cell phone, work phone – choose YES to receive notices at any/all of these options
  • Parent alert, no text – choose YES if you do NOT wish to receive emergency notifications via text

CLICK SAVE to complete the changes