School Advisory Board

School Advisory Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday in August, November, February and May in the St. Francis High School library.

The GTACS Advisory Board is a consultative board for the Superintendent.  Members are selected from each of the five supporting parishes – Christ the KingImmaculate ConceptionSt. FrancisSt. Joseph and St. Patrick and the Diocese of Gaylord. Each parish selects two members by appointing or electing them.  It is the duty of the Board to advise administration on policy matters.

Minutes with all reports are available in the GTACS Administrative Office. Please call 231 946-8100.


  • Greg Donahue, Chairperson/Treasurer (SF)
  • Montgomery Hegewald, Secretary (IC)


  • Teresa Andrews (SP)
  • Kevin Endres (CTK)
  • Norm Lee (SJ)/Janet Wolf (SJ)
  • Student Representative, 12th grade
  • Student Representative, 11th grade


  • Rev. Greg McCallum, President (SP)
  • Rev. James Bearss (SJ)
  • Rev. Anthony Citro (IC)
  • Rev. Raymond Cotter (CTK)
  • Rev. Don Geyman (SF)
  • Michael R. Buell, Superintendent
  • Erick Chittle (St. Francis High School)
  • Carl Scholten (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle School)
  • Maureen DeYoung (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)
  • Jessica Lesinski (Immaculate Conception Elementary School)